Zeitgeist Simulacra

 It is indeed ironic that in the age of the Information Super Highway we exist in a vacuous society devoid of any ontological sensibility. One need only view the nightly news to glimpse an image of a culture gone awry; a culture which in embracing continually shifting social paradigms has become not only submissive to absurdity but celebratory of it. To resort to finger pointing and ad hominem  attacks however would merely be falling lockstep into the morass of the so called “Activist Art” movement which typically brandishes it’s own form of jack-booted didacticism. Rather than wag my finger sanctimoniously and purport to possess an omniscient vision replete with solutions born of self-righteous indignation, I choose to create images which establish a dialogue with the viewer; to engage in an intellectual discourse vis-à-vis the painted picture.

 Working in a hard-edged hyperchromatic Postmodern Pop fashion and translating mass media imagery into allegorical iconography results in a viewer friendly, strangely familiar atavism reflective of the myriad interpretations symptomatic of today’s multi-paradigmatic hyphenated society. Allowing for open-ended lines of query without the burdensome weight of didactic pretense, the works emerge from a vast image bank serving as a visual historical repository; a reliquary of sorts, freezing snippets of time and cultural signifiers within the contextual framework of their particular matrices. Extricating these signifiers from their original context and juxtaposing them with others of divergent paradigms often culminates in humorous and sometimes subversive imagery when read within the context of the prevailing multifaceted world view of contemporary society.   

Kevin T. Kelly
5 July 1996