Embracing the Yin

“Just as rational modernity previously exhausted its forms and gave way to aperspectival postmodernity, so now the postmodern itself is on a morbid death watch, with nothing but infinitely mirrored irony to hold its hand, casting flowers where they will not be missed. The skull of postmodernity grins on the near horizon, and in the meantime, we are between two worldviews, one slowly dying, one not yet born.”

                                                                                                - Ken Wilber


My intent with this new body of work is to present a sense of inner calm or tranquility much like the state achieved near the end of a meditation session. I’ve purposefully avoided many of the conventions typically associated with successful landscape painting (ie: use of foreground elements, dynamic angles and linear perspective, etc) in order to arrive at more the “feeling” of a space rather than the literal depiction of it. The paintings might perhaps be more appropriately described as“innerscapes”, or as my friend, artist W.D. Gaither aptly put it, “imaginary windows on the scenes”, in which the image has a feeling of being recalled or imagined rather than directly observed. The detachment and lack of circumstance is also intentional in these particular works. After nearly twenty years of visually screaming at people with my paintings, I’ve moved in the opposite direction, looking at the space between the words, the silence in the talking and contemplating what Taoists refer to as nothingness, that space or instance which precedes thought, yet gives birth to everything.

This exhibition represents the fruits of a bittersweet three year inward journey punctuated by a shift of perception in the quest for Self and a settled heart. The works offer no complex layers of meaning or interpretation, no axes to grind and no agenda to defend. It is my gift of serenity. Like the sheer and utter poetry of embracing a beautiful woman whom you love madly, it requires neither reason nor explanation. It simply is.

Kevin T. Kelly
June 2010

"White Barns, Route 8"

"White Barns, Route 8"
Acrylic on Paper
5 x 9 1/2"