Identity Crisis

American society finds itself within the grip of an identity crisis the likes of which has not been seen since the 1960s. Balkanizing lines of demarcation now permeate every aspect of the culture at large. On the surface, Political Correctness espouses unity and equality, but in a broader, more spiritual sense, actually fosters division and separation by focusing on and amplifying mankind’s differences rather than its commonalities, and on group, rather than on individual, identity. Big government, religious institutions, special interest groups—particularly those with big money-- and lobbying blocs are instruments of a control matrix intent on keeping mankind in a state of perpetual separation from its true nature: That we are all connected.

Throughout history, Man, through social and political programming has been anesthetized into believing he is a physical entity who may occasionally have a spiritual experience. In reality, the opposite is the case. Man is an eternal spirit having a physical experience within the limited stricture of three dimensions. Defining oneself along tribal, party or societal lines reduces the vastness of one’s true nature to that of a mere shadow or worse, a label. It establishes a dualistic hierarchy of aristocracy and bourgeoisie, winners and losers, privilege and victimhood, body and soul. The matrix maintains control by exploiting these differences and offering solutions, which ultimately benefit only the matrix itself by continually growing and consolidating ever increasing amounts of power into the hands of the very few. Certainly governments, religions and other tribal organizations serve a purpose, but left unchecked, they devolve into a malignant form of totalitarianism, leaving human beings as little more than passive consumers. When spiritual awakening is enforced by these organizations, it is social engineering. By infringing upon the free will of the individual, Political Correctness becomes an insidious form of mind control.

From a spiritual perspective, the individual must be in this world, but not of it, expanding one’s conscious awareness while transcending the limiting illusions of materialist reality imposed by a manmade control matrix. The process requires introspection, discipline, tenacity and taking responsibility for oneself. In doing so, one steps outside the ego-driven external world and surrenders to a higher spiritual self. This surrendering expands the heart and its capacity for love and compassion. Everyone moves along their spiritual path at their own speed. True compassion and love can only come through an organic raising of consciousness and change of heart from within.

Kevin T. Kelly
14 September 2015


"Identity Crisis"

"Identity Crisis"
Digital Drawing in Adobe Illustrator
24 x 24"