On the Process of Drawing

I’ve always viewed the process of drawing as a means to an end, rather than the end itself. However, drawing plays a major role in my creative process and is of paramount importance.  It is the primary vehicle I use to get from the initial idea to the finished painting. Drawing is an elusive term and difficult to define, but it’s parameters encompass virtually every stage in the development of my imagery. It is perhaps more a mental than physical process, in that the act of drawing is really a state of refining. These refinements occur incrementally throughout various stages which initially include collage, sketching in graphite and colored pencil, and then ultimately, “drawing with tape” and cutting masks with an x-acto knife when painting. From the preliminary sketches to the canvas, every stage involves drawing, because the image is in a state of flux until the final coat of varnish is applied. 

For me, art should be made for strong eyes. Not some ethereal, contemplative entity that begs or cajoles, but more akin to the sharpened end of a stick, demanding one’s immediate attention. A veritable assault of the senses, both viscerally and cerebrally. It can be seductive, cynical, even humorous, but always deadly serious in it’s intent and execution.

Kevin T. Kelly
12 September 2005