KTK New American Painting Covers


The Open Studios Press was founded in 1993 as a vehicle for facilitating contact between artists and art enthusiasts. To date, the critically acclaimed periodical, New American Paintings, has featured the work of more than three thousand painters from throughout the United States, many of whom have gone on to receive international attention. The publication benefits artists and viewers alike. While included painters receive international exposure, those with an interest in contemporary painting are provided with an invaluable resource for discovering new artistic talent.

New American Paintings is a juried exhibition-in-print. Each museum-quality issue results from a highly selective juried competition and presents the work of forty painters. Thousands of artists enter the competitions every year, but only a limited number make it through the jurying process. The Open Studios Press works closely with renowned curators in order to select those artists whose work deserves to be seen by a wider audience. Unlike other art publications, New American Paintings does not discriminate by style or yield to art-world trends.


NAP Cover 2000.jpg

New American Paintings, Volume 28, The Open Studios Press, Wellesley, MA, Cover, pp. 94-97.


NAP Cover 2003.jpg

New American Paintings, Volume 46, The Open Studios Press, Boston, MA, Cover, pp. 82-85.