Born    September 6, 1960

Education    1987    Art Academy of Cincinnati,  B.F.A., Magna cum laude



2000        Al Smith Artists Fellowship Award, Kentucky Arts Council


One-Person Exhibitions

2018        "Kicking Against the Pricks", Alan Avery Art Company, Atlanta, GA

2017        “Terra Pulchra: Landscape Drawings”, C-Link Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2015        “Journey of the Spirit”, Cincinnati Art Galleries, Cincinnati, OH

2010        “Embracing the Yin”, Cincinnati Art Galleries, Cincinnati, OH

2008        “Risky Business”, The Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN

                 “Opus Proprium”, AVS Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2006        “Living in a Four Letter World”, The Harcum Gallery,  
                  Wilmington College, Wilmington, OH

2005        “Stasis Quo”,  The Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH

                  “Drawings by Kevin T. Kelly”, Manifest Creative Research
                   Gallery and Drawing Center, Cincinnati, OH

2004        “Beyond the Pale”, The Carnegie Arts Center, Covington, KY

2003        “Mr. Bad Example”, Kidder-Smith Gallery, Boston, MA

2002        “End Games”, Linda Schwartz Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2001        “Sex, Flames & Tracers”,  C-Pop Gallery, Detroit, MI

1999         “Kevin T. Kelly : Unplugged (The Small Works 1993-1999)”, 
                   Suzanna Terrill Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

1996         “Syntax and Semantics”.  Bruce R. Lewin Gallery, New York, NY

                 “Zeitgeist Simulacra” , Marta Hewett Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

1995         “Paradigm Lost”,  Bruce R. Lewin Gallery, New York, NY

1994         “Trouble in Mind” , Bruce R. Lewin Gallery, New York, NY

1993         “Reactive Agents”,  Kraine Theatre Gallery, New York, NY

1992        “Business as Usual”,  Marta Hewett Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

1989         “The Fallen Idol Icons”,  Pulse Gallery, Cincinnati, OH


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017       "A Matter of Skin", Kennedy Heights Art Center, Cincinnati, OH

               “The Return to Beauty: Asian Influences on Contemporary Landscape Art”,
                Cincinnati Art Galleries, Cincinnati, OH

                “The Dirty Show 18”, Russell Industrial Center- Exhibition Center,
                 Detroit, MI

2016        “Panorama of Cincinnati Art XXXI”, Cincinnati Art Galleries,
                  Cincinnati, OH

                 “Painters of Interest”, Cincinnati Art Galleries, Cincinnati, OH

2015        “Panorama of Cincinnati Art XXX”, Cincinnati Art Galleries,
                  Cincinnati, OH  

                “After the Moment: Reflections on Robert Mapplethorpe”,
                 Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH

               “Art Driven at 506 Ash”, Gallery 506 Ash Street, Elsmere, KY

                Kinsey Institute Exhibition: “UNDERCOVER”, Eric Dean Gallery,
                Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana

               “Arts Alive! A Retrospective of Influential Covington Artists Over
                the Past 200 Years”, Behringer-Crawford Museum, Covington, KY

2014       “Panorama of Cincinnati Art XXIX”, Cincinnati Art Galleries,
                Cincinnati, OH

               “Angels”, curated by Gary Gaffney, St. John’s Unitarian Church,
                Cincinnati, OH

              “The Definitive Contemporary Landscape”, curated by Daniel Brown,
               Covington Arts, Covington, KY

2013       “Past/Present”, The Kinsey Institute, Bloomington, IN

               “Panorama of Cincinnati Art XXVIII”, Cincinnati Art Galleries,
                Cincinnati, OH

               “One New Painting: Mark IIl”, Frame Designs, Cincinnati, OH

               “Angels”, curated by Gary Gaffney, The Carnegie Visual and
                Performing Arts Center, Covington, KY

               “Artists as Activists” curated by Saad Ghosn, Northern Kentucky
                University, Highland Heights, KY

 2012      “One New Painting: A Summer Invitational”, Frame Designs,
                Cincinnati, OH

               “Gallery Selections 2012”, Cincinnati Art Galleries, Cincinnati, OH

               “Panorama of Cincinnati Art XXVII”, Cincinnati Art Galleries,
                Cincinnati, OH

2011         “Artists as Activists”, The Artisans Enterprise Center, Covington, Ky

                “One New Painting: A Summer Invitational”, Frame Designs,
                 Cincinnati, OH

2010        “Poetry of the Still Life; Then and Now”, Cincinnati Art Galleries,  
                  Cincinnati, OH

                “Synergies”, The University Club of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

2009       “It’s All About ©”, C-Pop Gallery, Detroit, MI

                 “American Spirit”, Cincinnati Art Galleries, Cincinnati, OH

2008        “Iconic Colors”, Featuring the works of: Jim Dine, Kevin T. Kelly,
                   Louise Nevelson, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol,
                   Tom Wesselmann and recent works by Arielle Sandler,
                   Cincinnati Art Galleries, Cincinnati, OH

                  “About Face: 25 years. Some of the collectors who brought us here”, 
                   Alan Avery Art Company, Atlanta, GA

2007        “Once Upon a Time in the Midwest”, Dorothy W. and Lawson Reed Jr.
                  Gallery, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

                  “Quiet”, Inaugural Exhibition of the Rymer Gallery, Rymer Gallery,
                   Nashville, TN

                  “Blue Kama Sutra: The Sacred and the Profane”, (Collaborative show
                   with Sheri Besso), The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, 
                   Covington, KY

2006        “The Figure Considered...”, Northern Kentucky University, 
                   Highland heights, KY

                  “Welcome Back:Alumni Invitational”, Ruthe Pearlman Gallery, 
                   Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

                  “Cincinnati Timeline”, Phyllis J. Weston-Annie Bolling Galleries,
                   Cincinnati, OH

2005        “Carnivale d’ Expose”, Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center,
                   Covington, KY   (Multimedia presentations)

2004         “Pop and Circumstance”, Media Bridges, Cincinnati, OH

                  “The Director Selects”, Trinity Gallery, Atlanta, GA

                   “Skin Deep”, 708 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH
                   (“The Malevolent Muse”, video presentation)

                   “Celebrating Ohio Landscapes”, Closson’s Phyllis J. Weston Gallery, 
                    Cincinnati, OH

                   “Heartfelt: Artwork that is Pulmonary or Tactile”, Northern Kentucky
                    University, Highland Heights, KY

2003         “The New Collection”, Trinity Gallery, Atlanta GA

                   “Objective or Non-Objective?”, Closson’s Phyllis J. Weston Gallery,
                    Cincinnati, OH

                   “POP! a Cap in Yo’ Azz” , S.S. Nova, Cincinnati. OH

                   67th National Midyear Show, The Butler Institute of American Art,
                   Youngstown, OH, Juried Exhibition, Juror: John Alexander

2002         “Visions International”, Art Center Waco, Waco, TX, Juried Exhibition, 
                   Juror: Peter Frank, Art Critic

                   “ small works III: red”, Linda Schwartz Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2001          “small works II”, Linda Schwartz Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2000          “small works”, Linda Schwartz Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

                    “About Face”, Columbus College of Art and Design,
                     Columbus,  OH

1999           “C Stands for...”,  C-Pop Gallery, Detroit, MI

                   Suzanna Terrill Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

1996           Bruce R. Lewin Gallery, New York, NY

1993           Bruce R. Lewin Gallery, New York, NY

                   “Selections #1”, Kraine Theatre Gallery, New York, NY

1992            Kraine Theatre Gallery, New York, NY    

1991           “Multiculturalism: The Evolution and The Celebration"
                   Museum Center at the Union Terminal, Cincinnati, OH

1989         “Forrest Avenue Farewell”, Nexus Contemporary Art Center,
                  Atlanta, GA

1988         “Comment”, Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA

                  "Secrets”, Gallery 10, Washington, D.C.

                  “Exhibit 280” (Biennial Exhibition), Huntington Museum of Art,
                   Huntington, WV



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                “Creative Lives: Kevin T. Kelly”, 30 minute cable broadcast interview with the artist,                  
                 Dania Smith, Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky, September, 2005,  
                 Covington, KY

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2015        “Panorama of Cincinnati Art XXX”, Cincinnati Art Galleries, Cincinnati , OH

2014        “Panorama of Cincinnati Art XXIX”, Cincinnati Art Galleries, Cincinnati , OH

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                  Wilmington, OH

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1993         “Selections #1”, Kraine Theatre Gallery, New York, NY

1992         “Business as Usual”, (Two person show with Thom Shaw), Marta Hewett Gallery,                 
                  Cincinnati, OH

1988         “COMMENT”, Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA



2014        Beyond Pop: A Tom Wesselmann Retrospective, editorial essay online, 
      , December 1, 2014

2013        Manifest’s Tenth Anniversary, editorial essay online,, November 24, 2013

                On the State of the Arts, editorial essay online,, September 22, 2013

2012        Kit Carson and Buffalo Bill Capture the Kaiser, Critical essay on The Unwelcome Guests”
                by Henry Farny in the Cincinnati Art Museum permanent collection, AEQAI critical review
                 online,, April, 2012

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                 by student apprentices in the Art Works Program at The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
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                Brightoning Up, Article detailing the burgeoning art scene in Cincinnati’s Brighton District,
                Cincinnati CityBeat, August 19- 25, 1999, 47.



2000 - 2015        Guest Lecturer --  Annual lecture presentation to The Art Academy of Cincinnati’s
                            "Aesthetics and Criticism" class. Presentation featured slide and video tracing my
                             career as a fine artist. Lecture addressed issues of intent, dedication, purpose and
                             spirituality in connection with the path of the artist.

1999 - 2004        Adjunct Instructor --  Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH  Courses Included:
                             Intro to Painting, Narrative Drawing, Conceptual Drawing, Drawing as Inquiry and
                             Fine Art Seminar.

2002 - 2004       Instructor – The Baker-Hunt Foundation, Covington, KY,  Portfolio Preparation for
                             High School Students.

1999 - 2000        Guest Lecturer --  Artists Reaching Classrooms, Artworks Inc. Cincinnati, OH

1989 - 1994          Studio Assistant to Tom Wesselmann, New York, NY



2007        “Slouching Toward Bethlehem”,  7 minute video collaborative project with Sheri Besso.

2004        The Pullman Square Project: “Artificial Dissemination”,  Mural for: Marquee Cinemas,
                 Huntington, WV.  142 x 852”.

                 “The Malevolent Muse”, 2 minute multimedia project, “Skin Deep” event, Cincinnati, OH



                  Breitling SA

                  Miami University Art Museum

                  Arch Nemesis LLC

                  The Kinsey Institute

                  Trindle Wealth Management

                  James Dicke II

                  Procter and Gamble

                  Marquee Cinemas

                  P.J. O’Rourke 

                  News Web Corporation

                  Fidelity Investments

                  California Sun Products

                  Howard A. Tullman Collection

                  Couri Group Incorporated

                  Commonwealth Hotels Inc.

                  Peter Remes Collection

                  Sara Vance Collection

                  Buck and Leslie Shiels



2008        “The I of the Storm: Eleven Artists on Art and the Creative Spirit”, Collector’s Art Group, Cincinnati, OH

2001         Call to Artists, The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, Covington, KY

2001         33rd Annual Duveneck Memorial Art Show, Northern Kentucky Heritage League,Covington, KY